Retail of 2024 by Vishal Chourasia

Retail of 2024

Vishal Chourasia

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hello everyone

and welcome to today’s podcast so today we

are going to discuss a few things

which happened

after the pandemic in

the retail industry in the Indian e-commerce industry

now there were a lot of changes that happened after

the pandemic

okay in the retail industry in the e-commerce industry

but this time we are experiencing something advanced

I don’t know whether it’s with the help of

the AI or what type of

ideas people are

getting nowadays

but the presentation of retail is

going super always sweet

I don’t give you the overall thing

right away in the beginning

I’ll take you through a story so that you get it

properly what I’m trying to explain

okay so directly

let’s get straight to the point

starting from 2,019 there was a pandemic in India and

OK sorry northern India and all over the world

so in India

people generally started surfing Amazon Flipcard

and these types of platforms

just to buy some you know general home decor or for

clothes for themselves but

that time the delivery

was not possible

and many people were not buying the product

they were just surfing and exploring the equal

which gave a very good exposure to the

The E-commerce industry, okay

now people are getting habituated to

buy products online

video there’s an Indian mentality

like there’s a reason

why do people visit stores in India a lot

because not only in India is a very

you know global mentality

because people want the look

and feed of the product

they are going to buy

now in 2,023

the change which I was talking about is

trying their best to

you know make

the product

feel and look

for the festival

now what is happening right

now nowadays

people earlier used to shoot

in front of a blank canvas okay

so there was a black white background or a purple

background or a yellow background so the background so

mostly the backgrounds were white if you go

you know two to three years uh back

you’ll find the e-commerce industry

very plain and simple

there was a model who was standing like a

very straight person in the front of the camera

there was a white background red back and the outfit

was showcased but

now what’s happening the

various brands are trying

different matters to

you know showcase their product in a different

way to their consumers

and the consumers are liking that way

because now

people want

the look and feel of their product

Indian Indian retail

industry is

trying their best to get to

that look and feel

and they are trying their best to

give that look and feel to their customers

now if you pick up any brand

take it, Zara,

take it in the if I’m talking about in

the brands take it

Biba or something else

you will find their

product shoots

are getting very

exciting and

very interesting

you will just

you know watch their

photograph citing

for 30 minutes or

more than that if

you are very fond of

those products

Earlier what use to

happen if I want to buy a shirt

I just visit

the Amazon and Flipkart or

any other brands’ website

suppose Louis Vuitton or something like that

okay generally I

don’t buy from Louis Vuitton

so if I wasn’t

any kind of

brands website

so I’ll just

make sure I’ll just look into

the model’s picture

okay I’ll just look at the shot

and that’s it there

was a plain white background

was gray background generally

and I should look

at the product

and that’s it

that my shopping is done over there right

but nowadays what

people are seeing

how the brands

are presenting

the outdoor shoes

are taking place

a lot nowadays

if you go to a brand in Mumbai

there’s a brand called Anita Dongre Fashion House okay

so their store they have

totally redefined

a thing into

overall outdoor shoes

okay they are promoting

outdoor shoots a lot

because nowadays

people are feeling connected with

the outdoor shoot they

are feeling looking like I’ll be also

you know standing like on a mountain something

like this wearing this type of gown I look beautiful

okay so last

two in in this last

few months we have

experienced a lot of brands doing these kind of shoes

earlier people used to just

play in a blank canvas

and there is to be like okay

the model will

stand over here the camera

will be just

a parallel to

the model and

the shoot will

be done within half an hour

we will pack up will go to sleep

and that’s it

that was the e-commerce

if you talk about like

two years earlier

but now the concept

of look and feel

the Indian e-commerce

trying their best

the brands are

trying their best

the consultants

are trying their best

to compete with that

Indian mentality or that

well you know overall human mentality

of look and feel if a

person can look

the product


on the mobile screen

and if a person

can feel the

product on the

mobile screen

definitely the

eco industry is going to boom

a lot in the upcoming years

and that’s what

the brands are planning to do

in 2,023 we

are experiencing a lot of these types of shoots

if you visit

mentor or any other

eco platforms now

if they allow that

casual shoots of

not that front

back left and right

profile if nowadays

platforms are

allowing to

post your pictures

as like different poses

and while sitting on a chair or something like this

so that is attracting

people a lot

and if you visit any

independent brands website

you will find they are doing

outdoor shoots as well like if

you visit and India

if you visit

and it’s not over as I told you

if you visit Viva

you’ll find

outdoor shoots over there

on the morals pictures so they

are preferring

outdoor shoes they

are giving that real look and feel

and you know

this is not just a

research or this is

not just an experiment

okay this is

not just an experiment I’m telling

you clearly this is

not just an experiment brands

are getting better results while doing those shoes

okay now these people

are not interested in

seeing that blank

canvas in the model in front of that

canvas no that

I think I

should say there’s

old school mentality

even if it’s not

not that old

but I should

say this because

nowadays the brands

are doing a

very good job

and they are

getting best results

for themselves

for their brands

now according to that

many people have started doing these types of shoes

but they don’t know

the proper way

many people I’m I’m

seeing like this

um getting the model so they

don’t know um

you know very

um clingy background or something like that

so see doing an

outdoor shoot

is a different thing

doing a proper

outdoor shoot

is a different thing

the outdoor

uh shoot area

and the outfit

should relate

should speak to

the consumer should

connect with

the consumer

and if it’s not

then the thing is gone

like if you

are shooting a

traditional outfit

and you have

you are shooting it into a club

the overall

thing is spoiled over there

if it is a traditional outfit

you can shoot

it in the palace

or you can shoot it

in a setup like a sofa or something like that

similar you

can shoot it somewhere else

in a beautiful view

in a wedding type of setup

okay all variable

like it’s a Pooja said about something like that

but you can’t shoot it in the club

same as if it is a western offered

you can’t shoot it in the

marriage hall or something right

so you have to

you know this

decide and you have to first thing

if I’m doing an

outdoor shoot

which is the best

place which is

the best thing

that will suit

my outfit this is a challenge when

you are doing this outdoor

shoot as I told you now

Indian Italy is

coming up with a lot of things

new ideas the brands

and experiencing

new things to

give the customer that look

and feel well a thing

and if you went

wrong see if it is a blank

canvas there is no issues

okay whether

you do a traditional casual of whatever

it is just a

blank canvas but

now if you are doing

outdoor shoot

you have to make sure that

the environment and the

overall thing

is supporting the outfit

the model is varying

and if it’s

not there the look

and feel is

not going to be there

and you will

you and then

you will get confused that okay I did

all the things right I

did I did this

and I did the

outdoor shoes

I tried my best to make

the model look casual

the poses were

not formal she

was not just standing right front

right left and

back whatever

she was like doing everything possible it

was very casual to then

also identical

results because

you fail in showing

the feel of

the outfit so

you have to make sure

that the outfit

should relate to

the environment

and that’s how

and that’s where

the business succeeds

and that’s where

the brand succeed

okay so that’s it

for today this

was a very quick update I guess I

should tell you

all but this this

was very exciting thing I

you should experience is it like if you are

owning a brand or

if you are you know

hoping of starting

a brand or thinking of starting a brand okay so

you you have

to do this research

this research is

very important for you

after this podcast just go

and visit this website so

online portals

and you will find the

you know change

the shift in the


and everything

so that’s where

you grow okay


take care and good night

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