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Unleashing the Power of a Killer Marketing Strategy for Brands

Vishal Chourasia

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 Hello everyone. Welcome to the first and the very, very brand new episode of my podcast. The podcast’s name is Vishal Chourasia, and I’m your host, Vishal Chourasia. Yeah. So let’s begin with one of my favorite topics, and I know most of you are interested also in this topic because this is a very important topic when you are doing business.

And that is creating a  Killer Marketing Strategy for Brands  and what is the best marketing strategy for your business. So let’s go ahead and dive into this topic. So when we are talking about the marketing strategy or creating a Killer Marketing Strategy for Brands , so first of all, we need to figure out, before creating a marketing strategy, we need to figure out how, what is the core of our marketing strategy, like where the marketing is going to work for us.

So for that, we need to first build up an audience-performa . Now, what is, what comes under audience-performa? Like what? When we are creating some strategies, there have to be some steps, right? So step number one is where does your target market hang out? You have to find out where your market is, like suppose if, uh, if your target market is ants, ANT

it’s very funny, right? But still, let’s take an example. If your target market is ants, what you’ll do? We’ll just put in sugar on the ground and you’ll see your target audience here and there. So that’s what you have to do. First of all, figure it out. Where does your target market hang out? Like, uh, if you are targeting youngsters who like, uh, you know, funky t-shirts and all, if you are a funky T-shirt brand.

So basically they are people, those who are most likely into, uh, you know, evening teas and just hopping out with friends, going out with on a bike ride. So you have to figure out, your audience’s mindset, and what they are doing. Right now, what do they usually do, and what is their daily routine? If you can figure out these things, and believe this is going to give you a remarkable result, which no marketing agency can build up for you because you know your target audience, then anyone else in this whole world listens to it.

Once again, you know your target audience more than anyone else. Whole world. Now, there are a few more things that I would like to share with you. You have to find out what voices do. My target market trusts, as you can go with influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a very great option to sell products these days.

So what influences they are likely to listen to, like if there’s an Instagram, uh, Instagram reel poster? So they’ll be very excited. And, you know, listening to that Instagram influencers those who are creating one or two reels daily. So, is there any approach to your product so that you can reach out to them and you can sell them?

Oh, sorry. You can tell them to. Promote your product in their reel. Find out these points because these are very important points, like where does my target market spend time? This is very, very important. Where they are spending their time, whether it’s shooting media, it’s newspaper, it’s a tv, it’s Instagram, it’s Facebook, it’s Twitter, it’s YouTube.

Reach out to them through these platforms. This is a very important step. Now, once you have decided that, where does your target market hang out? And on the best side, if I take, you have their daily calendar, what they are doing every day. Okay? Now you have to see what are the ways, how I can meet my target market there.

Suppose someone likes, you know, if, if you’re selling a. Funky t-shirts, like printing and all. So if your target market is, uh, there, like the guys which you are targeting, they are, sitting on a, you know, Te stall. So one of the outlet approaches you can do is you can do collaborate with the Tea stall.

There are so many still out there and people nowadays, you know, try to be cool by, you know, having an evening tea and all. So it may sound a little, uh, I don’t know what it is, but yeah, still it may sound a little rude, but it is a reality so you can meet your target market over there. Suppose if you, if your target market is girls, two.

Uh, you know, likes to do fashion and makeup, okay? So you can, you know, your market approach can be influencers through them. You can reach your target audience over there, and you can just, you know, present yourself in front of your target audience. Now, after this, you have to figure out what is your sell, what you are selling, because I, I think this is going to be the first step, but still, I’ll describe this, okay, what is it real in actually?

What is, okay, so what do you want your voice to be? Now, once you have decided these two things, now you can target the tagline, which you are going to promote by these influences, by these stalls to your target. Audience or target group. Suppose if you’re selling a funky t-shirts sitting and you have also approached a tea stall owner, okay?

And, uh, you have agreed on an agreement that, okay, uh, we both are ready to do some collaboration and we’ll sell t-shirts to the brand. Now, what do you want your voice to be? Your t-shirt? Communicate, your brand should communicate with your TG with your target group. This is a very, very, very important point, which most marketers miss, and that is why I told you, okay, this should be the first, but no, no, no.

I’ll go into more depth. This is the third point. Now, what should your brand communicate with them? Suppose if, uh, there’s a funky brand so you can say, you know, look cooler with this pool printings. This can be your message to them. So if they’re, you know, trying to look cool by drinking those evening teas and all having this, uh, g shops on the road.

So they’ll just figure it out. Okay, I can be more. So I’ll try this. T this is how you, you know, pitch yourself. How you present yourself. You position yourself. Now if you have a, if you are a makeup brand, you have reached out to an influencer. Now the influencer is also ready to promote your product on her reels.

Now you can see, look more beautiful or look like your favorite influencer using these brands, using these products. Or suppose you sell a I. Okay. Mascara or mascara? I don’t know much about females. Uh, thanks. But yeah, so if you are selling about these, uh, products, okay, let’s take an easy product. Lipstick.

So suppose you’re selling lipstick, you can go to an influencer. So you can send you, and the message should be like this, some, somewhere like this, that, okay. Oh, oh. You know, get more cheesy lips or get more smooth lips by like this person, as your favorite influencer supposed, uh, the influencer you have targeted is sameeksha

So you can say, you know, get more, uh, get beautiful lips like sameeksha  Grab this at 10% off. So that is what I’m saying. What is your tagline? Once you have reached the proper outlet for presenting your product, how do you want people to connect with you? What is your voice? Your brand should communicate.

Always remember this, your brand should communicate. Now, these are the three top methods, you can do To position, market your brand, or build a marketing strategy. Now, there are so many things in marketing strategy that comes from online marketing, offline marketing, email marketing, ads, marketing, paid marketing, and social marketing.

There are so many ways, but the first, Which is the core, is these three points. You have to make sure that you, you know, build up your core on these three points, and then you go out to the marketing methods, and then you try all these things. Whenever you’ll meet a, you know, successful business entrepreneur, they will tell you these points only because you know they have a good experience and they know that without knowing what they want to..

Just going and running ad campaigns will never work in your business. This is the reality that will never work. So first be. On building your TG , then be focused on connecting them. Then be focused on showing your message. Then go on building some campaigns this is how is how you create a killing Marketing strategy for Brands . I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you learned something from this beautiful podcast.

And now I’m going to give you an announcement as well, So, I’ll be inviting some of the very, you know, experienced people from all over India. And, uh, later we can also go all over the globe, but still, right now it’s all over India. So I’ll be inviting some of the major business owners, major entrepreneurs, or major health coaches and lifestyle coaches so that you can get most of the learnings from this podcast, this very podcast.

I hope you enjoyed this podcast ” Killer Marketing Strategy for Brands” . If you. To follow because you will get one podcast every day, and this is the hardcore commitment You are going to get one podcast each and every day and new learning each and every day. So 1% better every day you, it’ll become 365% in a year. So are you ready for that 365 percent?

Hope this helped you to create your killing Marketing Strategy for your Brand.

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